January 01

How Does a Toilet Tank Work?

The toilet is one of the most often utilized areas in a home. It is also one of the most problematic ones. Toilets are made up of numerous components and only when all these components are working together, a toilet can be used. However, even if one of these components fail, it can pose major problems for homeowners. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Tampa, thankfully, is here to help with our professional toilet repair services.

Mechanism of Toilets

Because sanitation of your home is dependent on the toilet, ensuring it works properly is important to avoid waste and possible diseases. To ensure that the toilet is working properly there are multiple parts: Handle, Handle Arm, Chain, Flapper, Flush Valve, Drain Opening, Fill Valve, Refill Tube, Filler Float, Overflow Tube. If all these parts work together, flushing action can take place. The chain is lifted by the arm of the handle when the handle is pressed. This opens the flapper, which triggers the flush valve. As a result, water rushes into the bowl through the drain opening. Any waste in the bowl is flushed down the main drain by the water after that. After the flush, the toilet refills through the filler valve, filler float, and refill tube.

Toilets are Problematic

It is easy to detect problems in your toilets. Some common scenarios include low pressured water, slow draining toilets, and a bad smell. Although these are the most common cases, some toilet problems can be sneaky and not directly visible. Many people believe that they can fix their toilets, but it wouldn’t be wise to act without consulting a plumber, especially if you aren’t necessarily experienced. If you don’t know the exact mechanism, your actions may result in your home flooding or sewage overflow in your toilet, which is something no homeowner wants. Therefore, if you find anything that is odd, you will likely notice it and no matter if it is minor or major, call our service and our nearby plumbers will detect if there is a problem and tell you what kind of repair you might need or if you need a toilet installation.

We Take Our Job Seriously

Our highly experienced and licensed workers will do their best to understand what’s wrong with your toilet. They will also give you an estimate, so you don’t see a price that you didn't expect later. They will also go through each step of your toilet repair with maximum attention and do it in the cleanest way possible. Another great side to choosing Mr. Rooter Plumbing is that we don’t do any overtime charges from the original price we have listed to you.

Our Responsibility to Help You

We greatly value our customers. We consider your problems as ours. Our responsibility is to help you out. With our professional licensed plumbers, we will do our best. We offer upfront flat-rate pricing and no overtime charges for our customers. You can also request an estimate beforehand. We are looking forward to your call!

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