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Is My Water Heater Under Warranty?

This is a common question that homeowners ask, especially when their water heaters break down. In this article, we will cover some of the things you’ll need to know about water heater warranties.

You depend on your water heater for a constant supply of hot water whenever you need it. A well-maintained conventional water heater lasts between 8 and 12 years, while a tankless unit lasts about 20 years. However, replacing a water heater is a significant investment. Luckily, many water heater warranties provide coverage on labor, parts, and water heater tank, within a specified timeline. In other words, a water heater warranty is the manufacturer’s commitment to you upon purchase.

Duration of Water Heater Warranties

The length of water heater warranties varies by brand and model, but most models carry a warranty length of six, eight, or ten years.

Types of Water Heater Warranty

Manufacturer’s warranty: This is the initial warranty issued by the manufacturer and covers repairs and replacements for problems arising from factory errors. This warranty varies with different models and manufacturers.
Extended warranty: As the name suggests, this type of warranty extends the coverage of your existing plan for another one to three years.
Home warranty: This warranty covers repairs and replacements on major home systems and appliances, including water heater.

Water Heater Warranties Are Limited

However, there are certain things your water heater warranty may not cover. That’s why it’s important to check your water heater warranty to be sure about what it covers and the things it doesn’t cover. That way, you won’t be caught by surprise when your water heater breaks down.

If your water heater is damaged beyond repair and needs to be replaced, the manufacturer will replace the entire unit, but only if the cause of failure is associated to a manufacturing error. If the manufacturer finds out that the failure is caused by poor installation or lack of proper maintenance, they will not pay for the replacement.

For the individual parts of the water heater, the manufacturer will only pay for replacement if the defect is caused by a factory error. However, if the parts fail as a result of normal wear and tear or improper use, the warranty does not apply.

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