January 01

What Not to Put in Your Septic System

Most problems that appear in your septic tank can be avoided if you know what not to put in it. Many people flush down substances like feminine products, hair, oils, and grease down the drain. These are not meant to be sent down to your septic system. The buildup of oils can clog the septic tank and cause harm to it. Whether you’re a long-time septic tank owner or just got one installed, it’s time to learn what’s appropriate to enter your septic tank and avoid any unnecessary septic tank repairs.

Why Septic Tank Maintenance Is Important

Your septic tank is often forgotten because it’s out of sight. However, it’s important that you don’t forget about it since it plays such a big role in your household. A septic tank functions by separating sloid waste from liquid fluids, then filtering the fluids to later send them into the groundwater. If the septic tank is neglected, there’s a possibility for it to malfunction. This can lead to issues like overflowing water, water backing up into your house, and other nasty septic problems you won’t want to experience. Pumping your septic tank every 3-5 years and making sure everything is running properly are simple tasks every homeowner can do. Calling in a plumber in Brandon, FL to double-check everything is recommended as well. To avoid any repairs or replacements, maintenance is key.

Products to Avoid Sending into Your Septic Tank

  • Fats, Oils, & Grease – These substances bring nothing but harm to your septic system. The oil and grease can dry up in your pipes and cause blockages, leading to water backing up. You can easily avoid this problem by storing your oils and fats in an old can and saving it for disposal until later. Practice not sending your oils down the drain, and you’ll be able to see the results of a healthier, long-lasting septic system.
  • Chemicals – We use chemicals almost every day to clean our homes. Window cleaners, toilet bowl scrubs, stain removers, etc. Most of these chemicals are usually not septic-friendly. Make sure to choose all-natural, chemical-free solutions that won’t bring any harm to your septic tank. Check the labels and research the cleaning products you’re regularly buying, and if you need to switch to a new brand to save your septic system, do it.
  • Junk Down the Toilet – You’d be amazed at the things people flush down the toilet. We’re telling you from now on, anything other than waste and toilet paper should not be going anywhere near your septic tank. Garbage, diapers, sanitary products, cat litter, dirt, condoms, and anything else that would be better off in the trash can should not go down the toilet bowl. If you want to avoid septic tank repair, stop sending these products to your septic tank.

Your Responsibility

If you’re ever in trouble with your septic system and need a helping hand, call Mr. Rooter Plumbing and we’ll send a knowledgeable plumber to assist you. It’s normal for septic tanks to have issues every once in a while, but don’t let your lack of knowledge be the cause of those issues. Know how to take care of your septic system and keep up a regular maintenance schedule. Do your end of the job and if a problem still appears, we’ll sort it out.

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