January 01

Why Is My Water Is Taking Too Long To Heat?

When you get home after a long day or wake early in the morning headed to work, the last thing you want is a cold shower. There's nothing more frustrating than when a shower takes longer than usual to warm up, indicating the need to hire a professional plumber for water heater repair. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we have an experienced team with extensive industry knowledge and expertise to help you understand why this is happening and how to prevent it from becoming more pronounced.

There are many reasons why a water heater can delay warming up. As soon as you detect a deterioration in your unit's performance and efficiency, you need to hire an expert for maintenance. Here are some of the reasons you have to wait for hot water from various faucets in your home.


The distance between the water heater and other faucets in your home determines how fast hot water reaches the various taps in your home. If your water heater is far from your faucets, it's likely to take longer than usual for you to get hot water. Our plumbers in Seffner, FL can conduct a comprehensive assessment of your home to determine the ideal position for your water heater to ensure you get water as fast as possible.

A Low Volume Restrictor

If your fixtures have a low volume restrictor installed, it might be why hot water is delayed reaching your faucets. Although a low volume restrictor has its benefits in curbing water wastage, you can hire a plumber to make adjustments to your fixtures to ensure you get hot water on demand. We can help you uninstall low-volume restrictors from faucets that delay delivering hot water for maximum efficiency.

A Failing Water Heater

A standard water heater can run for years without showing damage, but that doesn't mean it's in tip-top condition. Units with more than a decade of service are considered at the end of service, which means they can quickly fail or experience difficulty in performance and efficiency. A professional plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing is well-equipped and trained to provide top-notch water heater repair services.

Sediment Buildup

Whether freshwater or hard water is flowing through your lines, over time, it is bound to accumulate minerals such as magnesium and calcium, which settle at the tank's base. This creates a hard, crusty layer that delays heat transfer and compromises the ability of the water heater to heat water faster. We recommend having your water heater tank flushed at least once every year to mitigate further deterioration. This goes a long way in ensuring the performance and efficiency of your unit improve,

An Undersized Water Heater

A small water heater that doesn't meet the needs of your household can be a reason for the delay, especially if multiple faucets are running at the same time. A plumber can help you choose an ideal unit that is the perfect size for your home. Contact us today at Mr. Rooter Plumbing, and talk to our experienced plumber about regular water heater maintenance.

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