January 01

Why My Plumbing Pipes Making Knocking Noise

Plumbing systems are essential to our daily lives, providing essential water supply and drainage. However, homeowners may encounter strange noises emanating from their plumbing that may be puzzling or concerning; one such noise being an audible clunking sound which may be puzzling and perplexing. Mr. Rooter Plumbing looks into possible causes behind such noises, helping you understand when assistance from a professional plumber may be required.

What Is Causing That Noise?

One source of plumbing system noise could be sudden water supply interruption. Stopping flow abruptly creates pressure fluctuations within pipes that result in audible clunking sounds; often caused by rapidly closing off faucets or valves, which causes water to stop flowing abruptly; to minimize noise, it is best to shut off these items slowly while gradually decreasing their output of water.

Sounds When Water Is Running

If you hear clunking noises when running the water, this may indicate an issue within your plumbing system. One potential culprit could be a water hammer - an event caused by sudden changes in momentum caused by sudden flow stops within pipes - leading to forceful shockwaves through your plumbing system and creating distinct clunking sounds. Water hammer can occur due to high water pressure, loose pipes, or inadequate air chambers; to address this problem, it's wise to consult an experienced professional who will assess your system and implement appropriate measures to reduce this event occurrence.

Loud Noises When Shutting Off Water

If you hear loud clunking noises when fully shutting off the water, this could be related to your plumbing's air chambers. Air chambers are vertical pipes designed to absorb pressure changes caused by abruptly stopping water flow; over time, these chambers may become filled with water, rendering them ineffective, leading to loud clunking noises when shut off abruptly. A skillful plumber can drain out this excess liquid or install additional ones to resolve this problem and eliminate loud clunking noises.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we understand how alarming and upsetting it is to hear clunk-clank noises from your plumbing system. That is why our experienced team is available to offer expert plumbing services to address these concerns and restore peace to your home.

When sudden shutdowns of water supplies cause clunking noises, our skilled plumbers can assess the situation and offer tailored solutions to your needs. We inspect faucets and valves, ensuring they function as intended without unduly altering pipe pressure changes. By employing our expertise and gentle approach, we can help alleviate clunking noises associated with sudden interruptions of flow interruptions.

If you're hearing clunking sounds while running water, our team of professionals are expert at handling water hammer issues. We will carefully examine your plumbing system and identify potential sources like high water pressure or loose pipes before taking the necessary measures, such as installing water hammer arrestors or air chambers to reduce or eliminate clunking noises.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing experts specialize in diagnosing and fixing air chamber issues to stop loud clunking noises after the water has been completely turned off, as well as draining existing ones or installing additional ones as needed to restore functionality and reduce disruptive clunking noises.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing takes great pride in our dedicated team of plumbers, devoted to providing exceptional plumbing service that exceeds your expectations. We pride ourselves on professionalism, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. So when clunking plumbing noises become an issue in your home, you can rest easy knowing they will be resolved efficiently and effectively to restore peace in your life.

Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing now, and our experts will deliver reliable plumbing service that can end those jarring noises and restore optimal performance to your plumbing system.

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