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Will PEX Pipe Freeze and Burst?

Frozen and burst pipes rank high on the list of costly plumbing disasters, which is why manufacturers have moved to tackle this issue. One solution: PEX pipes. Shorthand for cross-linked polyethylene, PEX piping are flexible, quick to install, and around half the price of copper, but are they good enough to prevent pipe freezes and bursting? In short, it is unlikely but not impossible that PEX pipes would freeze and burst. In this article brought to you by Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Tampa, we will dive into the specifics. If you are looking for a plumber to take care of a burst pipe repair, then feel free to call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Tampa. Remember to explore our website to find applicable discounts and coupons.

What Is PEX?

PEX, a shorthand for cross-linked polyethylene, is an alternative to copper and galvanized piping. It has been gaining popularity recently and is a favorite among DIYers for a few reasons.

For one, PEX is easy to install since it does not require soldering and advanced techniques. It is not just easy to install. It is also cheaper to install, costing around half or a third as much as copper piping.

PEX is also incredibly flexible and resistant to corrosion, making it reliable. Their smaller diameter makes them more efficient as they decrease the wait for hot water, resulting in less water waste.

Finally, PEX pipes are not made of metal, so you do not have to worry about annoying rattling noises.

Do PEX Pipes Freeze?

While PEX pipes are sensitive to heat and UV light, they have incredible resistance against cold temperatures. Thanks to its flexibility, PEX piping expands when under the pressure of a freeze. So, although PEX pipes can technically freeze, the chances of the pipe "bursting" are slim. This means your house is unlikely to flood because of a burst PEX pipe. This is not to say it is impossible though. You should take preventative as well as reactive measures to ensure pipes don’t burst.

What To Do About Frozen PEX Pipes

If water flow has suddenly slowed, then it might be time to investigate for frozen pipes. Ice in the pipes will restrict water flow. Inspect PEX pipes for frost and even damaged joints or cracks. If you identify a frozen PEX pipe, then consider these tricks:

  • Raise the temperature of the area by cranking up the thermostat.
  • Dampen some towels in hot water and lay them on the frozen pipes to melt the blockage.
  • Use a hair dryer or space heater if your centralized heating system is too slow or costly to run. Keep the hair dryer or space heater at least a couple of feet away from the PEX pipes to avoid damage.
  • Wrap the pipes with electrical tape for insulation.
  • Hire the professionals like those at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Tampa. Our competent plumbers use sophisticated tools and technology to thaw freezes without damaging the PEX pipes.

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